Introduction to the Ritu-Zen

‘Mind-fullness’ is a real topic now…

Some people in Japan achieve this by Ritu-zen.

Ritu-Zen is  ZEN of standing style . 

The origin of the RituZen is Martial Arts.

As you Know ,  Zen is  the  philosophy and meditation way of eastern people.

Ritu-Zen gives us the calm , balanced body and mind.

And also  Ritu-Zen  is an entrance to the ”qi” world .


In Japan, old martial masters named it “Hontai” which means well balanced body and mind.

According to the Old jujutsu code,”hontai”places a strong empathies on spiritual training and harmonizing the mind and body with the universe’s energy source.

I define the following:

The purpose of Ritu-zen is to achieve the “hontai”.

“Ritu-Zen Class”

I have been studying  Ritu-Zen 18 years. and I have a lot of teaching career.

I can instruct Ritu-zen to anyone in simple, clear and

fun way.

In my class,  I introduce the Ritu-ZEN  for  beginners. 

You need not particular experience , physical. ( If you have a little problem of knees and hip joint, you can try to our Ritu-ZEN. Because you need  not sit on the floor or ground!!  It is more easier program than well known Zen.)

I instruct  the history,  warm up , Effect to be achieved.  and way to how to stand correctively.

Most important thing is a correct posture.

Posture is most important to our big goal that health , beauty and having hontai.

I always welcome you  from here, MAYA mountain  Kobe-city ,  JAPAN.

Emiko Nagi  (Chairwoman of Nihon RituZen Kai )

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